Monday, February 07, 2011

Betsy Bird's Blog Birthday

Besty Bird has been one of my favorite bloggers for years.  Her posts are eclectic, informative, and sometimes a lot of fun to read.  It turns out that today she celebrates her 5th year as a blogger.  The fact that her "kid lit" remark set off a flurry of posts and tweets about whether or not to use the term speaks to how many followers she has.  Happy birthday A Fuse # 8 Production.   You're posts are always interesting and it seems occasionally provocative.

I know that some dismiss "kid lit" as a term, but I must admit that I'm pretty comfortable with it.  I know others disagree, but it sure fits better into limited character tweets than children's literature, and I seriously doubt whether those who don't take "kid lit" seriously are any more likely to do so if we refer to it as "children's literature."

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Betsy said...

Was there a flurry? How delightful!

Thanks for the good blog birthday wishes. Yes, the term "kidlit" is most distained in the academic world, but it's a longstanding complaint that precedes the Internet generation. It's interesting that folks use it so commonly now, but living as we do in a world where the number of letters you write can affect your message, I can see why it is preferable to write "kid lit" rather than, say, "children's literature". Rolls more trippingly off the tongue too.

Thanks again!