Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ruby Lu, Brave and True by Lenore Look

Early Readers can sometimes be dreadful. So, when my bookseller daughter suggested Ruby Lu, Brave and True, by Lenore Look, I didn't exactly race out to read it. I should have known better and taken her advice sooner. It is a book that I will definately bring with me to recommend when I visit schools. Ruby is an endearingly quirky 8 year old. She loves her little brother Oscar, perfoming magic tricks, and driving (oops, don't want to give the whole story away). Ruby's adventures are a perfect classroom read-aloud and would also suit young readers who already have a bit of chapter book experience. Expect belly laughs and demands for more Ruby books in either case. This refreshing multicultural gem stands head and shoulders above some of it's predecessors and even includes a glossary and pronunciation guide of Cantonese/Taishaneseis words Ruby uses. It's published by Aladdin. Buy it today.

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