Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter

Good news; the second teen spy school novel by Ally Carter has hit book stores, although still in hardcover. I couldn't resist, and made the mistake of cracking the cover when I should have been working which can be translated as no work got done the rest of that day! It was unputdownable. I know...I know. Stop making up words Sheryl!

But seriously, Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy was just as much fun as the first. The opening finds Cammie Morgan, girl-spy-in-training, back at school after the summer break along with her genius, code-cracking friends. Cammie is still recovering from the loss of her first boyfriend who had to be brainwashed into forgetting about the mission he interrupted in a heroic attempt to save her. While she settles into school and ponders if her ex will even remember her name, she notices that her mother, who happens to be the head of the spy school, is acting awfully strange. But, Cammie barely has time to figure out why before she is blamed for a security breach that puts her top secret school at risk. While trying to clear her name, she overhears her mother and one of the other teachers discussing "Blackthorne," which Cammie figures must be a code name for some mysterious covert op. Soon she and her friends are crawling through walls and surveilling the school to uncover the truth. What they discover will turn their world upside down and send them on a wild ride that you won't want to miss. Once you've finished Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, you, like me, will only be hoping that Ms. Carter has the third in the series is well under way.


Jane Glen said...

I recently read the first one in this series and didn't know there were going to be more. It's not in my collection yet but I think our teen giels are going to love it. I'll place it on our YA shelf- for our grade 7/8 students.
I really got a kick out of it myself.

Anonymous said...

I read the first book for my summer reading project, and couldn't put it down. I hope the second one is just as good (or better) as the first!

Anonymous said...

I loved th first book! I can not wait until i get to read the second! I just got the second book and i hope its just as good!

Anonymous said...

OMG. i couldn't agree with you more. i just finished rereading cross my heart and hope to spy for like the fifth time. i can't wait for the june 9th release. although i do wish it would come out like by christmas sooner.