Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Noodle Up Your Nose by Frieda Wishinsky

There are some writers that kids just love... Robert Munsch, Kevin Henkes, and Marie-Louise Gay come to mind. I'm pretty sure that Frieda Wishinsky is headed down the same path even if she hasn’t quite arrived yet. Books like Jennifer Jones Won’t Leave Me Alone, Oonga Boonga, A Bee in Your Ear, and A Noodle Up Your Nose, all speak to kids. Quirky titles, snappy dialogue and adept handling of real kid issues, all contribute to Wishinsky’s success.

Take A Noodle Up Your Nose. What seven year old kid wouldn’t want to crack the spine of a book with a title like that? And what kid hasn’t been ordered by their mother to invite someone to their birthday party, the dilemma that the book’s protagonist faces. Of course Kate’s protest of, “I can’t invite Leo…He shoots spitballs into my hair at recess.” is brushed aside by her parents. But, worse comes when rumours fly through the school about Kate’s pirate-themed party. Kate is worried that no one will want to come, and she is almost relieved when bossy Violet who her mother also insisted that Kate invite, shows up. Her relief is short-lived, but you’ll have to get a copy of this Orca early reader to find out how the party turns out. Besides, seven year olds aren't the only ones who’ll want to know how noodles and noses figure into the story.

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