Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lemony Snicket interview

Here's a taste of a Halloween interview with Lemony Snicket of A Series of Unfortunate Events fame.


Susan Rich: Hello Mr Snicket. Thank you for agreeing to speak with us

about matters relating to Halloween. Halloween can be a very creepy time.

What sorts of things scare you?

Lemony Snicket: Masks, silverfish, a woman I once knew, iced tapioca

drinks, injustice, things that jump out suddenly at me in the dark, things

that approach me slowly in the dark, corporate hegemony, flickering

lightbulbs and bland, self-serving philosophies concerning the world.

SR: Many people who usually dress in regular clothes find Halloween a good

time to put on a disguise. Can you tell us about your most successful


LS: No, but the next time you sit down at your “desk” you might look a bit

more closely.

Click here to read the rest of the interview and to download a free,

original Lemony Snicket story.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Orca Book Publishers offers free download of graphic novel

Sorry for the extended holiday from blogging, but this is an awesome opportunity so read on to find out more about a Free Graphic Novel Download.

Did you say free?
Yep! Free download...
Starting October 1, and for a limited time, Orca Books will be giving away a free download of the new Graphic Guide Adventure graphic novel - Media Meltdown by Liam O'Donnell and Mike Deas.

The site also features games and activities and a page for teachers and librarians with information about media literacy.

Graphic Guide Adventures is an ongoing series of graphic novels for ages 8-12. These exciting action-packed books have colorful illustrations, strong stories and engaging characters. Media Meltdown is the fourth title in the series, and was preceded by Wild Ride, Ramp Rats and Soccer Sabotage. Look for Food Fight in Spring 2010.

School Library Journal says of these graphic novels: ", stylish art and underdog stories will appeal to many readers."

So enjoy it and pass the word on.