Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pump by Sharon Jennings

Pump! by Sharon Jennings

RL grade 2.2, IL grades 3-10 ISBN 1-897039-19-0

High interest, low vocabulary books are hardly new, but publishers of high/low books have recently been attracting at lot more attention. While there has always been a need for high/low books, the demand seems to be increasing. Fortunately truly talented writers are beginning to turn their attention to this special class of books. Sharon Jennings best known for her wonderful picture books like Into My Mother's Arms is one such author. Pump is an example of a high-low title with enormous appeal for intermediate boys who may be reluctant to pick up a book.

Pump! cover

Jennings grabs readers from the first sentence. “So how did I get into this life or death mess? I guess it started the day I skipped school.” Jennings’s protagonist isn’t a bad kid, but he is a real kid, and as everyone knows―including kids, real kids get into trouble. Pat is a skateboarder, and not very popular with some of his neighbours who would rather never hear the THUNK of a skateboard again. Building a ramp makes matters even worse. But, when the police are called in, Pat gets a surprise. That isn’t the only surprise that Jennings has in store for her readers though. Will Pat be able rally enough support to lobby city council for a skateboard park? Will he be able convince his mother to let him board again even if he does? Pump has the boarding moves, the lingo, and the perfect pacing to take readers on a skateboard ride with plenty of “air.” In fact, parents and teachers would do well to check out other titles from High Interest Publishing.


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good book it is like real life