Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn

Just about to head out to my monthly book group where we will be discussing Saturday by Ian McEwan. With lines like, "Even as you struggle against the numbness of poor recall, you know precisely what the forgotten thing is not." on practically every page, no wonder the man won the Booker Prize (not for this one...those judges!) Anyways, I'm hoping that I can talk everyone into reading a YA novel next time around. I'm thinking of the Fisher Staples book I talked about earlier, or perhaps Gingerbread byRachel Cohn It is one of those truly brilliant coming of age novels that likely won't get the attention it deserves because of a few swear words that are perfectly appropriate coming out of the mouth of Cyd, the main character. On the other hand, not much comes out of her surfer boyfriend's mouth, and yet he is such a strong character that you can practically see him walking into the surf or working in his older brother's restaurant. Author envy speaking here...Ah to be able to bring one's characters come to life with a few deft strokes of the pen, or keyboard as the case may be. And I practically bled for Cyd's mom and step-dad, but I suppose that's the parent in me talking. It is a fabulous read.

Then again, I have had The Crazy Man by Pamela Porter for a good month and haven't yet read it. It won the Governor General's Award in Canada, and is written entirely in verse. It is supposed to be fabulous, and I did hear Porter speak recently. If I can convince 8 other women to read it, I just might have enough incentive to finally crack the cover. Worth a try.

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