Friday, April 28, 2006

More About Eagle Books

I can't help myself. After my last post about eagles, I had to go and rumage around my book shelves and boxes and dig out one of my all time favorites, Paul Goble's Adopted by the Eagles. Although it was written in the mid-90's, this Lakota tale continues to be a treasure. The story is one of those classics about friendship, jealousy and betrayal, but also of forgiveness. It recognizes that, that not all in the world is warm and fuzzy, which is something I really liked, and something I think kids know intuitively. Like many other First Nations tales, people exist in a world that balances human, animal and spiritual. I also love the rhythm of the language used in the story, and the fact that Goble includes Lakota words so naturally. As well, the illustrations are incredible. Goble has written and illustrated many other books, and I have liked every single one I have seen. He includes a bit of backround, definitions and notes that are helpful for teachers or parents. It's published by Bradbury Press for those who want to search for it, but again, any of Goble's work is worth having on your bookshelf.

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