Friday, January 25, 2008

Stanley at Sea by Linda Bailey and Bill Slavin

I love Stanley, and if you knew him, you would too. For those of you who aren't in the know, Stanley is a dog, a fictional one. Linda Bailey is his creator and she is about to launch her latest in a perfect trio of picture books about doggie adventures or misadventures to be more accurate; Stanley at Sea. Stanley is a dog who isn't content to sit around waiting for his master. He's thrown a party, gone for a wild ride, and now he and his friends are off to test their sea legs, although not intentionally. A nose for food lures the errant dogs into a boat which drifts out to sea. The pooches are faced with wide open spaces, wild waves and no land in sight. But as all dogs know, no matter where you go, "Outside" has one thing in common, a fence, or does it...?

Bill Slavin's depictions are as full of humour as Bailey's quirky text. You won't want to miss this rollicking new adventure by an unbeatable team. And while you're at it, reacquaint yourself with Stanley's Party and Stanley's Wild Ride. You might find yourself looking at your pets with entirely new eyes.

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Robin Rivers said...

This one looks so cute. I'll have to pick it up for my daughter. She'd love it.