Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Still reading but...

So, I have been reading adult books for a change. We Need to Talk About Kevin, which I am in the middle of just because I've heard so much about it and Sympathy by Dede Crane, which I have been meaning to read since I heard her speak a few months ago. Haven't finished either yet, although I am enjoying the Dede Crane book much more. So beautifully written. Have also been flipping through tons of garden design magazines as I try and pull something affordable together for my front yard--sadly J.K. Rowlings is the only children's author I've ever heard of who is really flush, but don't get started on writers' incomes.

I started a Nora McLintock mystery, Password: Murder last night in an effort to figure out how mystery writers do it. Of course I know what one should do, but can't seem to get to the mystery partgoing until half way through. Maybe I'll just have to give up my feeble mystery attempt, and enjoy that others like McClintock do it so well. Later.

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