Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Check out this new serial YA novel

Check out this new YA serialized novel by L. Lee Lowe @ http://mortalghost.blogspot.com. The writing is taut, visceral, and very tight. In fact, it's head and shoulders above a lot of what I am seeing pubished. I had a few quibbles about tense shifts and hunky guys that seemed more like college boys than high school kids, but the story will grab teens and suck them in within a paragraph and so will the very cool graphics. I am a total sucker for serialized stories, of the sort that used to appear in mazagines when I was a teenager, and at one time were popular in newspapers. This new web version should really appeal to the YA crowd who tend to spend a lot more time on-line than some of us older farts. Way to go L. Lee whoever you are (complaining here in case you come across this--so little on your profile page.) All for now, still reading Bass Ackwars and Belly Up. S.

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