Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Greatest Briish Writer?

Just a quick bit of news between shopping for my writing retreat tomorow and finishing up a final edit. J.K. Rowling was recently voted the greatest living British Writer according to BBC News. Apparently this was via a poll in The Book Magazine. I wonder that they didn't differentiate between best known and greatest. Not to take anything away from Rowling, but other names come to mind. What about authors like Philip Pullman, and Michael Morpurg, or Melvin Burgess? And that's just kids book writers not to mention totally off of the top of my head without much thought. While I have read all six of Rowlings books, and even look forward to the seventh, they are all a continuation of the same story. I personally think of great writers as having more depth, skill and certainly greater breadth. These three guys are each superb and are head and shoulders above said Greatest British Writer.

More when I return from my writing retreat next week...

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