Monday, June 12, 2006

Celebrity Writers

Do we really need another celebrity kid's book? Princess Fergie, Madonna, and now a senator. Edward Kennedy was in Washington recently, not for political chenanigans as one might expect, but to promote his new picture book, My Senator and Me: A Dog's Eye View of Washington. Isn't it enough that they stick with their high profile tell-alls? While no one is asking my opinion about the matter, apparently publishers think it's a great place to dump their spare cash. If that isn't enough, Queen Latifah is also launching a picture book called Queen of the Scene in September. With the money thrown at celebrity kid's books, will publishers have any left over for the real deal, you know, the kind you want to read to your little ones on your lap or before bed, or he kind of book you want your kid to bring home from the library? For that matter, will kids expect that books, like running shoes, aren't worth having unless some star has their name plastered all over them. Forgive my rant. Just feeling a little cynical while I slave away for a pitance in obscurity. Back to the grind.

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