Monday, June 07, 2010

Ed Verve

Ok, I admit it.  I used to love Betsy Bird's "Hot Men of Children's Literature" lists when they came out periodically until someone determined that they were politically incorrect...sigh.  But, if there were such a list again, which I'm not saying there is or even should be, British illustrator Ed Verve could be on it.  Don't ya think!  Besides that, his books totally rock because this guy has a style all his own. His new book is entitled Banana!, but check out The Getaway too. It's pure  awesomeness for the under five set.


Fuse #8 said...

Well, I cannot help but agree. And while it would make perfect sense that I quit The Hot Men of Children's Literature because it was no longer PC, actually I stopped it because I started getting submissions from guys themselves. And how do you tell someone (or, more importantly, their wife) that they're not hot? Twas a pickle.

readingkidsbooks said...

Oh my god, Betsy that's craziness!

But then, when I think about it, so in keeping with people...others always seem so much better: smarter, hotter, cooler, more beautiful than we are. Actually recently read a YA novel called "The Duff" about just that...with Duff standing for Designated Ugly Fat Friend.