Friday, March 25, 2011

AppCheese review site for iPads

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With eReaders and iPad readers making such a splash these days, I'm sure many of you are looking for ways to sift the wheat from the chaff.  While books that are being published in the eReader format are getting reviews, this hasn't been the case with books in the iPad format...until now.  AppCheese is a new site that offers unbiased reviews of iPad book apps. The site is run by a collective of artists, writers and developers, so they are well equipped to take the task on.  Since they're just getting started, they've only got about a dozen reviews up, but so far they have reviewed both picture books (original and retellings) and novels.  Their review criteria is comprehensive and includes: production quality, quality of original story or retelling, quality of graphics and sounds, the balance between illustration and text, innovation, appropriateness to the targeted audience and replay factor.  The reviewers make use of video demonstration so you can see what they are talking about.  If you're considering a book app for children, and you don't want to pay for cheesy apps that are a waste of time, this is the place to go.
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