Wednesday, December 06, 2006

technologically challenged

To any of you who have posted comments, please accept my apologies. I thought I accidently made them disappear before I realized I had them. I'm not sure I quite have the hang of it, but feel free to post and I'll try and do better at keeping on top of things. Sigh...I wish my daughter were here although I know there would be groans and serious eye-rolling behaviour over my ineptitude, but she's so much better at this sort of thing than I. Thanks for bearing with me...Sheryl


Kathryn Usher said...

How funny. My daughter is 19 and does the same thing when I ask her to explain something computerish to me. It's worse when I say I want to write down the directions that's when the big eye rolling starts.

readingkidsbooks said...

I don't suppose I should complain. I doubt I was any more sublte with my own mother and eye-rolling and other teen behaviour has come in handy when writing YA novels. Sheryl