Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Books for Boys / Guy's Write for Guys Read edited by Jon Scieszka

This is not a procrastination post! I have spent the better part of the day editing two different picture book texts, and hence this is a well deserved break! Honest!

Since I do a lot of school visits, I asked my bookseller daughter (check her bog out www.cantstopreading.blogspot.com) and she recomended Guys Write for GuyGuys Read. Edited by the infamous and almost always funny Jon Scieszka, this is a fabulous collection of stories, poems, comic strips, memoires, and advice for guys by guys.

Checking the index, this collection is a whose who in the world of writing and ilustrting and I don't just mean guys from the kids' book world, although they're here too. The creator of the long time TV series, The Simpsons, Matt Groening weighs in with a copic strip as well as a hilarious selection of 'truths'. David Bauer, Deputy Managing Editor of Sports Illustrated reveals the reason behind his love of baseball in a very funny sports piece that will have the athletically challenged guffawing, while Stephen King is less than fear-inspiring in a selection that features farting babysitters.

Guys will love learning some of the personal trivia included. For example, James Howe of Bunnicula fame wanted to be a jocky, but his hopes were dashed when he grew (he's 6' 2''). Rick Telander, author of String Music and Heading Home didn't eat green vegetables except celery until the age of 25.

There is so much in this much crammed into this collection that it is a bargain at $10.99 U.S./$15.00Canadian. And there is something that will appeal to everyone. The selections range from humorous to serious, with everything inbetween. Quirky personalities, embarassing moments in childhood, disappointments and aspirations are all laid out with unabashed frankness. The pieces range in length, but most are only a few pages; perfect for a quick dip or for short attention spans. Another reason to go out and buy this book (rather than get it from the library) is that the royalties will go to support the Guys Read Web site at www.guysread.com. If you happen to be of the opposite gender, you may want to sneak a peek too. You won't regret it, be sure to hide it from your brothers or spouses. Otherwise you'll have it whisked out from under your nose. Enjoy.

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