Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All-Season Edie by Annabel Lyon

Every now and then you come across one of those delightful characters that make you glance back longingly at your childhood. Eleven-year-old Edie Jasmine Snow, from All-Season Edie, is just such a girl. Edie is nothing like her perfect older sister Dexter who has been allowed to stay with her best friend to attend dance camp instead of accompanying the family on their annual holiday to the lake.

As far as Edie is concerned, it barely feels like Dex is gone since her sister is one of her parents main topics of conversation. The other conversation topic is Edie's beloved grandfather who has suffered a series of small strokes. At the lake, Edie passes the time fishing with Robert, a fat boy who doesn't quite fit in either. The two become fast friends.

Once back home, Edie comes up with a rather outlandish plan to help her beloved grandpa with the help of a little witchcraft and the library. Not surprisingly, Edie's unique efforts to save her grandfather come to naught. Here is where author, Annabel Lyon's deft hand is strongest. There are no magic bullet for grief yet we see many small ways that grief brings Edie's family together without overdoing the sappy. Life goes on, including the self-serving Dexter and her best friend, Mean Megan's plot to get Edie out of the way for a pool party. Edie's eventual revenge is as sweet as it is subtle and unexpected. All-Season Edie is both playful and freshing. Although Annabel confided that it took her fifteen years to complete All Season Edie, (she has written several adult titles in between) I am hoping that her Ramona Quimby-like character is one that we see more of soon.

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